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10m Short/Doc/Featurette 2020

Alka Nautiyal, a filmmaker in her 20s, about to graduate, after being labeled as a ‘cotton candy’ filmmaker decides to change her image in order to be taken seriously. Along with her cinephile producer Vinayak, she tries to make a serious political courtroom drama, based on a caste issue. She researches the subject during which she meets Sethji garage owner & Nandu, who works in the same garage and carries out political killings for Sethji, turns out she’s too out of touch with the subject she’s trying to make a film on. Being from a privileged background, she only indulged in making frothy romantic films. She decides to cast an ex-IPTA member, a Shyam Benegal favorite, he’s got more Filmfare Awards in his study than books who’s recently been getting a lot of fire from the right-wing over a comment he made on the Hindu mythology. The Actor calls her script out as being a ‘savior complex’ set piece. He readily agrees to do the role. On the day of the shoot, while the Actor performs the scene, an assassination attempt is made by Sethji and Nandu on the Actor, in a manner almost identical to the situation in Alka’s script. What happens to Alka & her film sums up Ek Film Director Ki Maut or 5 Easy Steps To Make An Important Short Film.


Aryan Singh


English, Hindi, (All film screenings are for audiences 18+)