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25m Drama 2023

Satbir Yadav, a 56 years old head constable in Indore, is nearing retirement. Although he has become used to the post-COVID world like everyone, he has not been able to cope with the field duty. Moreover, the COVID cases amongst the police officers have created a sense of fear amongst the police officers and their families; Satbir and his family are no different. He has applied for a transfer to the office so that he can spend the remaining service with some ease.

Satbir lives with his wife, Sarita, and son Annu. Satbir spends most of his free time in the small garden outside his house, enabling him to find an escape from everything and everyone. Satbir got the job on compassionate grounds after his father died. He has always had difficulty adjusting to the police department. Long duty hours and incidents like a farmer’s complaint about a goat damaging his crops add to Satbir’s misery.

When reminded of his father, Satbir feels he is letting his father down by getting a transfer to the office. While this feeling occupies his mind, he lashes out when he sees Annu’s growing interest in the police department. Sarita notices this and tries to intervene but to no avail.

During a routine patrol, Satbir comes across two fugitives on the run. When he tries to arrest them, they start firing, and Satbir is injured. Now, he must choose between his father’s ideals or saving his son from another cycle of compassionate appointment.