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14m Drama 2023

Butterscotch is a story about acceptance. DR. MAYA SHARMA, a single mother and physician by profession, has her daughter, DIA SHARMA’s, life planned out for her. Dia is supposed to go to medical school and become a doctor, like her mother. One day, Maya is surprised to see an acceptance letter from an art school in the mail addressed to Dia. When she confronts Dia about this, they have a huge argument, where Dia finally lets out her frustrations with her mother’s controlling ways. After the argument, Maya reflects on her daughter’s words, and realizes that perhaps she had been too controlling due to her own insecurities and past experiences. As to not push her daughter further away, Maya decides to let her daughter pursue what she wants in life. Maya apologizes to Dia, and they reconcile. To celebrate, they partake in their usual tradition of movie night while they share a pint of butterscotch ice cream.