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Cue Kya Tha?

27m Drama 2023

Motivating compliments or constructive criticism? What makes us better performers? This question becomes trickier when there is an air of hoax attached to it.

Anil Deshpande, a young theatre actor, steps out of the rickshaw, transporting his mind from the tranquil streets of Nashik to the “struggling actor” laden locality of Andheri, Mumbai.

He finds himself in the rehearsal room of his idol, the legendary theatre director- Bapat ji. Anil feels like an outsider among the almost motorised actors.

Despite his nervousness, Anil impresses Bapat ji during rehearsals and is offered words of encouragement. Rehearsals resume and Bapat Ji cuts a word from Anil’s line.

With every encouraging speech given to Anil, one word is cut from his dialogue, leaving him with only one word to say in the play’s final performance.

Anil hopes to impress Bapat Ji. But would it mean a lot more if he impressed his audience?