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Farther Than Distance

14m Drama 2023

‘Farther than Distance’ is a day in the life of a student called Iti going through a phase of isolation in her life. The film explores her need to belong, with undertones of depression, intertwined with envy of others who seem to have better human bonds than her. Remaining distant and withdrawn, she finds herself conflicted when presented with an opportunity to connect with others.

‘Farther than Distance’ is built on personal experience. The process involved going back to old journal entries and exploring the isolation and detachment I have felt over the years. This is my first film, driven more by visuals than the narrative. The film is essentially a character study through abstract imagery and sound design. It is experimental as a short-format film in its pacing, visual language, and subject. It attempts to make a discourse around mental health by inviting the audience into the mind of its protagonist.


Taruna Khatri


English, Hindi