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11m Short/Doc/Featurette 2022

“Mein, Mehmood” is a film that is dedicated to the life of hardworking immigrants all over the world.

Through the happenstances in the life of one such immigrant, the film talks about the deep identity crises arising in people from the subcontinent, from their inability to read, write or speak the English language and the subsequent socioeconomic effects of this.

The film traces the life of Mehmood, a simple middle-aged immigrant from the Indian subcontinent who like many others from his generation has left his home for the Middle East, to provide a better life for his family.

A tele-caller with a tourism company that is badly hit by the pandemic, Mehmood, struggles to meet monthly sales targets of converting random strangers into potential customers. His inability to converse fluently in English severely limits his ability to converse with potential clients, thus putting his job in jeopardy. Meanwhile, thousands of km away, back home, Mehmood’s wife waits for him to send some money home for their daughter’s education.

Through Mehmood, we can feel the agony of hundreds and thousands around the world whose access to leading a respectable life gets inhibited due to their inability of learning a particular language.

The title of the film, “Mein Mehmood”, loosely translating to “I am Mehmood” almost ironically points out their search for an identity in an ever-changing world where they are unable to even properly emote in words to a wider audience.

Thus, what remains inside is a scream waiting to come out.


Prataya Saha


Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu