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21m Short/Doc/Featurette 2022

Each year, 12 Million girls are married before the age of 18. That is 23 girls every minute. In 3 small villages in Rajasthan, an NGO is trying to change this. Through football. 200 teenage girls playing and training regularly. What sets them apart is, almost all of them are child brides. The film explores their sisterhood and journey.

Football has given them the confidence, ­independence and agency to stand up to the patriarchy and say no to child marriages. Many have fought to get their marriages annulled. Some have staunchly refused to go to the husband’s home.

It’s not all bright and positive though. One of our main characters, Pooja (16) had to get married last November due to family pressure. She still continues to play and even made it to the Ajmer district team.

We explore the world of these villages, where old superstitions, traditions and the quest for a son is still thriving. What happens when someone tries to actively stop a child marriage from taking place. How the mothers are supporting their daughters and don’t want them to have the same life they did.

Living in a very conservative society, what is it like to have found their own little voices and the love for football. It is a feeling of immense pride and joy to see these girls in shorts, running around freely when once they were forced to keep their faces covered under a veil and never step outdoors alone. What the future holds for these little girls, nobody knows. But for now, they are in charge, they are confident, and they love kicking balls!


Vijayeta Kumar