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Other Ray: Art Of Satyajit Ray

34m Documentary 2023

OTHER RAY: ART OF SATYAJIT RAY strives to capture how the auteur Satyajit Ray had straddled atop diverse avenues of artistic pursuits, most of which had coalesced to form the identity of an unmatched narrator of ideas, - both persuasive and profound. This Documentary retraces the influences that had shaped his sensibilities, some of them inherited while the remaining imbibed from the ambiance and the people that he had come across. Several of these facets such as Illustrator, Calligrapher, Musician and Author are partly eclipsed by his phenomenal standing as a Filmmaker, yet all of them were collaborating strands of his composite aesthetic universe. The documentary thus, deals with both the incubation as well as the splendid flowering of Satyajit Ray not merely as a Filmmaker ranking among the immortals of world cinema but all the other notes as well that had blended in him to create an aesthetic symphony.