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The Soul

12m Drama 2023

A school girl has to quite her school due to a financial crisis in her family. She was not able to sit in the board exam due to her insufficiency. There was a Christian female teacher who adores her. She (teacher) came to know the situation and went to her house to meet the girl. While the teacher reached her student house, the grandmother of her student got surprised by seeing women from different religion. She hesitates to meet her or even does not show her willingness to allow her grandchild to meet her teacher. The teacher requested cordially and was able to meet her student. She arranged all the arrangement for her (Student) board exam. After several years, she got a reputed job and came to know that her teacher was dead. She visited her grave and found a diary of her teacher as a gift left for her. After opening the pages, she discovered that this is a list of good initiatives which were taken by her teacher. The initiatives were stop due to her death. The student takes an oath to continue the good initiatives that her teacher were took.