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23m Drama 2023

Shiny and Bandu are avid fans of Hammad, an egg-seller from Karachi (Pakistan) who has found a huge online following in their city of Mumbai (India) but is virtually unknown in his own vicinity. They seek Hammad’s help to learn the ropes of the craft in hopes of becoming viral stars themselves. Hammad, too, could use their help for his own dream – to be able to share his talent with his community and be seen as someone worthy of appreciation.

While the outcomes may or may not be as desired, both sides leave with something bigger than their goals: a promising friendship that exists in the borderless realm of the online world.

Shot on location in India and Pakistan with 2 crews in their respective countries, this project is a unique collaborative effort from filmmakers and artists on both sides of the border to create fresh, riveting stories about their homes, families, communities, and societies.


Hindi, Marathi, Urdu