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11m Drama 2023

YAAN –Is a film about Sukhram and his family ,a poor family ,living in a small secluded hut near a small town somewhere in the interior of India .The Family has only three members,or more so , three alive members…Sukhram, his wife-Kamli and Grandson –Bansi a young boy of around 8-10 years.The Family has a small farm land which is rocky,extremely infertile and their only source of irrigation is Godly Rain.This year too the Monsoon is eagerly awaited by this family …….With bare minimum means Sukhram and his family live their life without complaining, losing their loved ones regularly …like their only son and his wife to poverty and unknown disease which went untreated but they accept it as their fate……how people like Sukhram don’t even get the basic minimum facilities to lead and live a normal life as against the luxuries and extravagant lives some of the fortunate ones get is what “YAAN” is about.